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Switch from your heavy, inefficient round tank to our flat, aluminum tanks that weigh less, give you more volume and can fit anywhere.

For the Auto/Truck Industry
Autogas tanks - the best in the industry

The PPI Autogas Tank is made specifically for the auto/truck industry. Our autogas tanks take up less space gallon for gallon and weigh less than steel tanks. This gives your vehicle more storage space, more capacity, greater driving range and better performance.

Breakthrough Innovation
Autogas Tank Innovation

The Conformable Tank (CT®) is unique in its design and construction. It is made from aluminum, which has significant benefits over steel including the ability to form a far more efficiently shaped tank, reduced weight and the inability of the tank to rust.

Unparalleled Quality
Graphical image of PPI North America's unique autogas vehicle propane tank shape and functionality

PPI’s unique, flat autogas tanks use interlocking extrusions that reduce the number of welds, increasing strength and product integrity. The tanks are 100% aluminum, which means, unlike steel, PPI’s autogas tanks cannot rust inside or out.

Why An Autogas Tank from PPI?

PPI North America specializes in the development and manufacturing of unique autogas tanks that we call Conformable Propane Tanks for on and off road vehicles. Our autogas tanks maintain a unique and proprietary design and construction, offering a number of benefits that traditional, round, steel tanks simply cannot provide. Some notable highlights include:

  • Conformable Tanks take up less space
  • Conformable Tanks are lighter
  • Conformable Tanks are stronger
  • Conformable Tanks cannot rust
  • Conformable Tanks are more efficient

Learn more about the many benefits of our unique, flat autogas tank design here or quickly determine the volume you can get in your tank by accessing our online calculator.

Choosing the Right Autogas Tank

PPI makes it easier than ever to choose the right autogas tank for your need or application. Whether you have a unique need that requires a very custom job, or you have a truck fleet and you need multiple tanks, PPI can help you. We build autogas tanks of all sizes for all types of applications. And the best part is, our unique construction and shape make it more efficient than traditional round tanks. Click here to see pricing.

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