The Future of Alternative Fuels in a Changing Political Climate

The alternative fuels industry in the U.S. is facing many complex questions, but they can be distilled down to two main concerns: Is there still a place for low-carbon fuels in a nation that has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement? And, would these fuels be relevant if there were fewer government incentives backing them and fewer emissions reduction goals driving the conversation forward?

supply system for diesel fuel, clean motor block, diesel engine detail

Using propane to increase power and save fuel costs in a diesel engine

Using propane to increase power and save fuel costs in a diesel engine – Farm operators, over-the-road truckers and construction equipment operators are starting to take a hard look at using propane injected into a diesel engine to gain several advantages, including more power and reduced cost. Those marketing the dual-fuel system claim it is…

Image of San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge - Autogas in California

Where Can You Find Autogas in California?

It’s clear that California is not lagging behind when we talk about autogas availability. There are close to 1,200 propane dispensing facilities in California alone. And almost all the facilities are basically used to fuel domestic and business applications, for example, recreational vehicles, heaters, barbecues etc. Again, nearly 50 percent of the propane dispensing facilities are fit…